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What does it mean to be a KANDS London Brand Ambassador? 
- Our brand ambassadors are true advocates of KANDS London brand. They are determined, motivated and inspired women who love our products and our community. They possess a strong sense of fashion and trends, and aspire to excel in everything that they do.
KANDS London Brand Ambassadors use their social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. to recommend our products to their followers. 
As a brand ambassador, what do I get in return for recommendations?
- As our Brand Ambassador, you will become a part of our growing community. As well as receiving your first product with a 50% discount, you will instantly become our loved and treasured community member: we run an ambassador hub to bring you closer to the brand and its ambassadors, exchange ideas and recommendations, share your journeys and positive experiences.
We also run plenty of competitions with luxurious gifts and giveaways, as well as our red-carpet worthy KANDS Awards Ceremony Event, created especially for our ambassadors to meet each other and the brand, hear about upcoming product releases, have some champagne and get awards for your advocacy.
Sounds good. How do I apply?
- To apply, you simply need to answer a set of questions below and upload some photos of you. Please note that your social media accounts have to be public in order to be our ambassador.
As our brand ambassador, you are able to purchase KANDS London bodysuit with a 50% discount. We ask you that you make 3 posts twice a week wearing the bodysuit (Instagram is a must) - for example, on Tuesday a post wearing our Leopard blazer bodysuit with jeans in 3 different locations/poses (e.g. photo 1: whole outfit; photo 2: close-up; photo 3: lifestyle/outside shot). On Thursday you decide to wear it with leather pants, and again, post 3 photos. Easy. You can make a new outfit every week, making it bolder and trendier each time and building up your profile.♕

When we see active engagement, positive attitude, increased interest and more posts that are in line with our brand, you will earn a Senior Ambassador status ✪. This means that we will want to work with you on a more involved basis, depending on outcome of your recommendations. We will send you more of our products to advertise free of charge and you will attend the KANDS London Award Events.
At this point, you may want to consider becoming our affiliate and getting commission for your recommendations by using your dedicated discount code (use it on your media posts, business cards,  and get as creative as you wish - we will give you tips on how to get more involved in promotion of the brand). You may also be invited for our next modelling photoshoot to participate in one of our campaigns or feature on website/fashion magazines if suitable.

We are convinced that every woman is talented in some way. If you shine, we will see your light and will do our best to encourage it. We will be on a special lookout for talented/aspiring/professional instagrammers, photographers, writers and marketers to represent our brand in your country or region. 
By becoming our Brand Ambassador, you agree to make:
  1. 3 photos wearing KANDS London Bodysuit, 2 times a week
  2. Make only positive comments, references, posts or remarks about KANDS London 
  3. Be professional, respectful and friendly at all times - both, with us and with followers/ customers (as well as family members, elderly, children, pets and the world☺♡)
  4. Respond to comments in a friendly manner and politely direct enquiries to us if any
  5. Agree to KANDS London reposting, sharing and using your brand related photos & materials
Are you ready to join our community?